Synonym Starting With “E” For Competitive Exams

Synonyms List Starting With “E” For Competitive Exams Like IBPS Bank PO, SSC, IAS And Other Government Exams.

1.Emancipate: Set Free, Affranchise, Deliver,Manumit,Release,Unbetter,Unshakle.

2.Elucidate: Clarify, Annote, Unfold.

3.Embarrass: Mortify, Abash, Agitate, Bewilder,Throw,Upset.Awakward.

4.Embellish: Make Beautiful, Spiff up, Spruce Up, Trim.

5.Embrace: Clasp,Clinch,Hug,Take In Arms, Wrap.

6.Emerge: Appear, Arrive, Become Apparent, Transfire, Turn Up.

7.Empathy: Appreciation, Warmth.

8.Empower: Accredit, Capacitate, Sanction, Vest, Warrant.

9.Emulate: Compete, Challenge, Contend, Rival, Rivalize.

10.Enchant: Attractive, Allure, Beguile, Bewitch, Captivate, Carry Away, Wow.

11.Encounter: Appointment, Brush, Face.

12.Encroach: Appropriate, Arrogate.

13.Endemic: Native, Panemic, Local, Regional.

14.Endure: Bear, Utter, Abide, Accustom, Allow, Undergo, Withstand.

15.Enervate: Tire, Wear out, Debilitate, Devitalize, Fatigue, Vitiate, Weaken, Weary.

16.Enigma: Bewilderment, Twister, Why.

17.Enmity:Hostility, Acrimony, Alienation, Lathing, Malevolence, Venom.

18.Enormity: Horribleness, Abonimation, Atrocity, Flagrancy,Wickedness.

19.Enormous:Huge,Barn Door, Blimp, Colossal, Titanic, Whop.

20.Entice: Allure, Persuade, Attract, Bait, Wheedle.

Synonym Starting With “G” For Competitive Exams

Synonyms List Starting With “G” For Competitive Exams Like IBPS Bank PO, SSC, IAS And Other Government Exams.

1.Grandeur: Splendour, Augustness, Obulence, Vastness.

2.Grasp: Hold, Cinch, Clamp, Lug, Tenure.

3.Greed: Avarice, Avidity, Gimmies, Voracity.

4.Grief: Affliction,Agony, Harrasment, Infelecity, Wrechedness.

5.Grin: Beam, Crack, Simpler, Smirk, Frowl, Growl.

6.Grouchy: Bad Tempered,Cantankerous,Surly, Testy.

7.Guilt: Culpability, Lapse, Liability, Wrong.

8.Gullible:Being A Sucker, Easily, Mark, Wide Eyed.

Synonym Starting With “I” For Competitive Exams

Synonyms List Starting With “I” For Competitive Exams Like IBPS Bank PO, SSC, IAS And Other Goverment Exams.

1.Imperative: Mandatory,Burning,Clamant,Exigent,Immediate,Vital.

2.Imperil:Chance To, Endanger,Menace, Jeopard.

3.Imperious: Serious, Overbearing, Bossy, Dominating,Tyrannical.

4.Impertinant: Brash, Brassy, Brazen,Contumelious,Discourteous,Offensive,Unsuitable.

5.Innocuous: Harmless, Banal, Bland, Flat, Innocent, Sapless.

6.Inquisitive: Curious, Analytical,Intrusive,Scruntizing,Sifting, Speculative.

7.Insatiable: Voracious, Wanting, Gluttonous.

8.Insidious: Machiavellian, Sneaky, Tricky, Duplicitious, Trecherous.

9.Insipid:Dull, Uninteresting,Arid,Anemic, Beige,Blah,Jejune, Lifeless,Wishy-Washy,Boring.

10.Insolent: Rude, Cheeky, Abusive, Dictatorial,Procarious, Ungracious.

11.Instigate: Influence,Provoke.

12.Intensify: Forceful, Accentuate, Aggrendize, Raise,Whet.

13.Invade: Access, Assail, Assault, Breach, Trespass, Violate.

14.Iota: Trace, Small Bit, Nucleous,Ounce.

15.Ire: Annoyance, Conniption, Slow Barn, Wrath.

16.Itenary: Circuit, Plan Of Journey, Tour, Way.

Synonym Starting With “S” For Competitive Exams

Synonyms List Starting With “S” For Competitive Exams Like IBPS Bank PO, SSC, IAS And Other Government Exams.

1.Sagacious: Acute, Apt, Astucious, Wise, Cagey, Canny, Clear Sighted, Prudent, Sage, Savvy, Witty.

2.Salvage:  Save, Rescue, Ransom, Reclaim, Redeem, Injure.

3.Sanctimonious: Pecksniffian, Bigoted, Canting, Stuffy, Unctous.

4.Sanitary: Healthy, Healthful, Higienic.

5.Sarcastic: Chaffing, Derisive, Disillusioned. Trenchant, Twitting, Weisenheiming.

6.Skeptical: Chances, Hope.

7.Scanty: Bare, Close, Deficient, Wanting.

8.Scintillating: Dazzling, Flashing, Gleaming, Twinkling, Witty.

9.Scream: Shriek, Screech, Shout, hollo, Squal.

10.Scruplous: Meticulos, Fastiduous, Extremely Careful, Fussy, Heedful, Upright.

11.Sedate: Calm, Cold, Sober, Tranquill, Excited, Lively.

12.Segregate: Choose, Disconnect, Quarantine, Sequester, Single Out.

13.Seize: Clasp, Clench, Hold Of.

14.Sentimental:  Corny, Emotional, Gushing, Dreamy, Moonstruck, Weepy.

15.Servile: Obedient, Obesent, Bootlicking.

16.Shallow: Not Deep, Depthless, Trifling, Trivial.

Antonyms And Synonyms List For Competitive Exams

The List Of Synonym And Antonym That Will Help In Competitive Exams Like Bank PO, SSC,GRE, Gate, CAT AndBank Exams.


Synonyms: Falshiness, Affectation, Array, Boast,Brag, Flamboyance, Flaunting, Flourish, Parade, Splurge, Spectacle, Vainglory, Window-Dressing

Antonyms: Quiet, Modesty, Reservation, Plainness


Synonyms: Apologetic, Abject, Atoning, Sorry, Rueful, Remorseful, Contrite, Repentant, Compunctious.

Antonyms: Impenitent, Unrepentant, Unremorseful


Synonyms: Satisfy, Stuff, Cloy, Content, Overdose, Sate, Saturate, Slake, Surfeit

Antonyms: Dissatisfy, Deprive

  1. Ponder:

Synonym: Muse, Cogitate, Contemplate, Daydream, Debate, Deliberate, Meditate, Mull, Noodle, Ruminate, Speculate, Woolgather.

Antonyms: Forget, Ignore, Neglect.

  1. Desecrate:

Synonym: Abuse, Violate, Contaminate, Befoul, Defile, Profane, Pervert, Messup, Ravage, Sack, Spoil, Spoliate, Waste, Dishonor.

Antonyms: Honor, Sanctify, Priase

  1. Interpolate:

Synonyms: Annex, Add, Append, Enter, Throw in, Intrude, Introduce, Interlope, Intercalate, Inject, Interpose, Fill in

Antonyms: Erase, Remove, Subtract.

  1. Insolvent:

Synonyms: Bankrupt, Busted, Foreclosed, Receivership, Indepted, Lost, On the Rocks, Out of Money, Strapped, Wiped Out, Opprobrious.
Antonyms: Moneyed, Rich, Sovent, Wealthy.

  1. Officious:

Synonyms: Self Motivated, Busy, Forward, Impertinent, Inquistive, Interfering, Meddlesome, Meddling, Obtrusive, Overzealous, Pushy, Rude.

Antonyms: Timid, Modest, Circumspect, Chary, Demure

  1. Veracity:

Synonyms: Accuracy, Actuality, Authencity, Candor, Credibility, Exactitude, Sincerity, Probity, Trueness, Trueness, Truism, Truthfulness, Verisimilitude, Truthfulness

Antonyms: Falsify


Synonyms: Sketch, Review, Study, Sight, Curriculam Vitae, Survay
Antonyms: Document, Menuscript

Synonyms: Scanty, Confind, Diminutive, Inadequate, Negligible, Narrow, Slight, Tenuous, Tiny

Antonyms: Ample

Vocabulary For Competitive Exams

The Vocab List For Preparation of Examinations Like CAT, Bank PO, Gate, MAT, SSC And Beginners.

Synonyms: Show, Attest, Argue, Symbolize, Point to, Pinpoint, Pin Down, Intimate, Imply, Import, Illustrate, Evidence, Designate, Demonstrate, Connote, Bespeak, Announce etc.

Antonyms: Conceal, Mislead etc.

Synonyms:Remote, Withdraw, Uppidity, Unsocialable, Unfriendly, Uninterested, Thick-Skinned, Supercilious, Stuck up, Standoffish, Solitary, Incurious, Haughty, Detached, Cold Fish, Chilly, Cold etc.
Antonym: Friendly, Socialable

Synonyms: Native, Inborn, Unacquired, Primitive, Innate, Homegrown, Connate, Congenital, aboriginal, autochthonous etc.
Antonym: Alien, Foreign etc.

Synonyms: Indolent, Easygoing, Idle, Inactive, Languid, Lax, Lethargic, Listless, Sluggish, Torpid etc.
Antonym: Fast

Synonyms: Not Skilled, Clumsy, Artless, Incapable, Unfacile, Ungraceful, Unhandy, Unskillful etc
Antonym: Skillful

Synonym: Inebriated, Booz, Dissipate, Gulp, Guzzle, Wash Down etc.

Synonym: Inemical, Adverse, Baleful, Calamitous, Corroding, Crippling, Menacing, Mischievous, Pestilential, Subversive etc.
Antonyms: Beneficial, Joyous, Wonderful etc.

Synonym: Inhumane, Careless, Impassive, Impenitent, Insentient, Obdurate, Spiritless, Stony, Stubborn, Unsusceptible etc
Antonyms: Kind, Nice, Compassionate etc.

Synonyms: Stunt, Inhibit, Bottle up, Constrain, Debar, Proscribe, Stymie, Zing etc.
Antonyms: Allow, Favor etc.

Synonyms: Ingenous, Unsuspecting, Harmless, Unsophisticated, Unwordly, Trusting etc.
Antonyms: Skeptical, Wise etc.

Synonyms: Infringe, Defy, Disobey, Infrindge, Withstand, Resist etc.
Antonyms: Obey, Observe etc.

Synonyms: Infectious, Deadly, Epidemic, Poisnous, Catching etc.
Antonyms: Noncommunicable

Synonyms: Inevitable, Certain, Compulsory, Necessary, Sure etc.
Antonyms: Avoidable, Escapable etc.

Synonyms: Meddlesome, Baffle, Conflict, Frustrate, Obstruct, Trouble etc.
Antonyms: Assist, Help etc.

Synonyms: Mediocre, Moderate, Ordinary, Standard, Usual, Boilerplate etc.
Antonyms: Abnormal, Extraordinary, Usual etc.

Synonyms: Sombre, Very Sad, Dejected, Blue, Dolorous, Funereal, Woebegone etc.
Antonyms: Happy, Joy etc.

Synonyms: Miraculous, Fantastic, Sensational, Wondrous etc.
Antonyms: Normal, Unexceptional etc.

Synonyms: Mix, Mingle, Integrate, Cooperate, Couple, Incorporate, Synthesize, Unite etc.
Antonyms: Detach, Disconnect, Divide etc.

Synonyms: Great, Strong, Omnipotent, Potent, Strengthy, Vigorous etc.
Antonyms: Powerless, Weak, Delicate etc.

Synonyms: Miff, Agitae, Distress, Worry etc.
Antonyms: Make Happy, Soothe etc.

Synonyms: Mettle, Force, Sock, Steadiness, Tenacity, Vitality etc.
Antonyms: Lack, Weakness etc.

Synonyms: Impecable, Meticulous, Accurate, Precise, Vigilant etc.
Antonyms: Careless, Unscruplous etc.

Simple Interest And Compound Interest For Competitive Exams

Simple Interest And Compound Interest

1.Interest Is Money Paid By Borrower To Lender For Using Of a Money For a Specific Time Of Period.

2.The Money Borrowed Is Called Principal.

3.The Rate At Which Interest Is Calculated On The Principle Is called Rate Of Interest.

4.Amount = Principal+Interest.


Simple Interest(SI)
Rate Of Interest(R)
Number Of Years(T)

6.Formulas For Simple Interest


Compound Interest:  Compound Interest Is Added To The Principal At The End Of Each Period And Amount Would Become Principal Of The Next Year. And Process Would Be Repeated After The Specified Amount Of Time..

There Are Different Conditions For Compound Interest Calculation

1.If There Are Different Rate Of Interest For Every Year. For Example For First Year: R1, For Second Year: R2, For Third Year: R3, For Fourth Year R4 Than Total Amount Would Be

A= P(1+R1/100)(1+R2/100)(1+R3/100)(1+R4/100)

2.When Rate Of Interest Is Same For Every Year, Then Total Amount Would Be, A=P(1+R/100)^n And

Compound Interest= P[(1+R/100)^n-1]

3.When Principal Changes After 6 Months, Then Formula Would Be: A=P(1+R/2/100)^2n

4.When Interest Is Compounded Annually, And Time Fraction Is 3 1/3yr, Then

A=P(1+R/100)^3 * [1+R/3/100]

Special Condition: When The Time Is Considered 2 Years, Then Difference Between SI And CI Is


Time And Work Concepts In Aptitude For Competitive Exams

Time And Work Concepts In Aptitude For Competitive Exams Like SSC, IBPS Bank PO And Other Government Exams.

Concepts And Tips For Solving Problems In Less Amount Of Time:

1.Every Work Would Be Treated As 1.

2.A Man can Do Piece Of Work In M Days, Then He Will Work In 1 Day= 1/M Work.

3.If A Man Can Do 1/M Work In One Day, Then He Will Complete The Entire Work In M Days.

4.If A Person Complete A Work In M Days And Another Person Complete The Same Work In N Days Then They Both Complete The Work In MN/(M+N) Days.

5.Work Efficiency Of A Person Is Inversely Propotional To Time. If One Person More Efficient From Other Person, It Means He Complete His Work In Less Amount Of Time Than Other Person.

6.Key Formula For Solving Most Of The Problems: M1N1=M2N2

M=Number Of Men Involved In It.

N=Number Of Days Used.

Example1. A Can Do Piece Of Work In 5 Days And Same Work Would Be Done By B In 8 Days. In How Many Days They Both Completed Work Together?

Solution: According To Above Formula:  MN/(M+N)

5*8/(5+8) = 40/13 = 3.07 Days

Alternate Method:  

A Do Piece Of Work In…………..  5 Days

A Will Work In 1 Day = 1/5 Work

B Do Piece Of Work In…………… 8 Days

B Will Work In 1 Day = 1/8 Work

They Together Work In 1 Day = 1/5 + 1/8 = 13/40

They Complete Work In 40/13 Days.

Example2: Ramesh Can Do A Work In 30 Days. He Worked 20 Days And Suresh replaed Him And He Completed Remaining Work In 5 Days.In How Many Days Suresh Will Finish The Work?

Solution: Ramesh Can Work In One Day: 1/30 Work
According To Question Ram Work 20 Days, So He Completed 20*1/20 Work In 20 Days
Ramesh Completed Work In 20 Days: 2/3 Work
Remaining Work= 1-2/3= 1/3
1/3 Work Would Be Completed By Suresh In 5 Days
1 Work Would Be Completed By Suresh In 15 Days

So Answer Is 15 Days.

Example3: Ramesh Is Twice As Good Workman As Suresh, And Finish The Piece Of Work In 10 Days Less Than Suresh.Calculate The Time In Which They Both Complete The Work?

Solution: As We Know, According To Tips Efficiency Is Inversely Propotional To Time.
(X-10)/X = 1/2
Thus, Ramesh And Suresh Both Do Work In One Day = 1/20 + 1/10 = 3/20
Ramesh And Suresh Both Can Do Work In 20/3 Days.

Time Speed And Distance Concepts In Aptitude For Competitive Exams

Time And Distance Concepts In Aptitude For Competitive Exams Like CAT, SSC, IBPS Bank PO, IAS, Gate  And Other Government Exams.

1.Relation Between Time, Distance And Speed:

Speed = Distance/Time

  • Speed Is Measured In Metre/Sec Or Kilometre/Hour.
  • Time Is Measured In Second Or Minute Or Hour.
  • Distance Is Measured In Metre Or Kilometre.

2.Some Speedy Math Methods To Convert Km/hour To Metre/Sec And Vice Verse:

A.To Convert Km/Hour To Metre/Sec: Km/Hour*5/18 = M/Sec.
B.To Convert Metre/Sec To Km/Hour: Metre/Sec*18/5 = Km/Hour.
3.Concept Of Average Speed:

Average Speed = (Total Distance Traversed/ Total Time In Traversing Distance).

4.Some Important Conditions For Solving Problem Immediately.

  1. If Some Distance Is Covered By One Person By Speed P km/hour, And Another Same Distance Is Covered By Q km/hour.
    Average Speed= 2PQ/(P+Q) = Harmonic Mean Of Both

B.If Three Equal Distance Is Covered By Speed P Km/hour, Q Km/hour And R km/hour,

Then Average Speed = 2PQR/(PQ+QR+RP)Km/hour = Harmonic Mean Of Above Three.

  1. If Three Same Distance Is Covered By P Km/hour, Q km/hour And R km/hour And Takes Equal Amount Of Time Then The

Average Speed = (P+Q+R)/3 Km/Hour.

  1. If Two Same Distance Is Covered By P Km/Hour, Q Km/hour In same Amount Of Time, Then

Average Speed = (P+Q)/2 Km/hour.

5.Ratio Relation Among Time, Distance And Speed:

If Speed Of  Ram And Ramesh In The Ratio Of P/Q Then Distance Traversed By These Person In The Ratio P/Q And Time Contained In The Ratio Of Q/P.

6.Relative Speed Comcept:

If Two Objects Are Moving In Same Direction With P Km/hour And Q Km/hour Then
Relative speed = (P-Q)Km/hour If P>Q
(Q-P)Km/hour If Q>P

If Two Objects Are Moving In Opposite Direction With Speed P Km/hour And Q km/hour Then
Relative Speed = (P+Q)Km/hour.


Notes: Two Bikes B1 And B2 Starts From Home H1 And H2 And Reached To H2 And H1 By Travelling Towards Each Other And Take Time T1 And T2 Then Their Raito Of Speed = T2^1/2/T1^1/2 = (Underroot Of T2/Underroot Of T1)

7.Train Relative Speed Problems:

  1. A.Moving Train And Stationary Object Problem

There Are Two Conditions For Moving Train And Stationary Object Prblems.

Condition 1: When Object Traversing By Train Is Negligible.

When Train Is Tavelling Towards Pole Or Other Neglegible Length Object And Cross The Particular Object Then
Speed Of The Train = (Length Of The Train)/Time taken To Traversing The Pole)
When We Take Speed = S, Length Of The Train = L, Time Taken To Cross The Pole = T
Then Formula Of Speed Would Become S = (L/T).

Condition 2: When Object Traversing By Train Is Not Negligible.

When Train Is Travelling Towards The Length Object,And
Length Of The Train = L
Length Of The Object = K
Time For Crossing The Object= T
Then, The Speed Of Train For Crossing The Object Is:
Speed = [(Length Of Train + Length Of Object)/Time Take For Crossing The Length Object]

S = (L+K)/T.

B.Moving Train And Moving Object Of Negligible Length:

Condition 1: When Train And Moving Object(Zero Length) Are Moving Towards Each Other With Respective Speeds P And Q Then
Relative speed = (P+Q).

(P+Q) = [Length of The Train/Time Taken For Crossing The Object].
When We Take Length Of Train = L
Time Taken For Crossing The Object: T

(P+Q) = L/T

Condition 2: When Train And Moving Object(Zero Length) Are Moving In Same Direction With Speed P And Q Then

Relative Speed = (P-Q) = [Length Of Train/Time Taken For Crossing Each Other]

Take Length Of Train = L
Time Taken For Crossing The Object: T

Relative Speed = (P-Q) = L/T.

C:Moving Train And Moving Object Of Some Length

Condition1:When Train Of Length L1 And Moving Object Of Length L2 Are Moving Each Other With Speed P And Q Then,

(P+Q) = [(Length Of Train + Length Of Moving Object)/ Time Taken For Crossing Each Other]

(P+Q) = [L1+L2]/T

Condition 2:When Train Of Length L1 And Moving Object Of Length L2 Are Moving In Same Direction With Speed P And Q Then

(p-Q)= [L1-L2]/T

Boats And Streams Problems In Aptitude For Competitive Exams

Boats And Stream Problems In Aptitude For Competitive Exams Like CAT, SSC, IBPS Bank PO, IAS, Gate And Other Government Exams.

Concepts On Boats And Streams Problem:

1.When Boat And Water Stream Move In One Direction Then This Is Called Boat Is Moving Downstream.The Total Speed Of Boat Would Increased In This Condition.

2.When Boat And water Stream Are Moving In Opposite Direction Then Boat Is Called Moving Upstream.The Total Speed Of Boat Would Decreased In This Condition.
Let, Speed Of Boat In Constant Water = S1
Speed Of Water Stream = S2

Formula1: Speed Of Boat In DownStream Condition = (S1+S2)Km/hour
Formula2: Speed Of Boat In Upstream Condition = (S1-S2)Km/hour

Notes: This Is The Advice Of Author To Learn The Formula. When We Concentrate On the Sign Of Above Formulas, These Are Different From Rail Problems.In First Formula water Stream And Boat Is in Same Direction But Sign Is + Not Minus Like Rail Problems.
This Is The Key For Learning These Formulas And Remove Confusion About These Problems.

Important Formulas:
If We Take Speed In Downstream Condition = S1 Km/hour
Speed In upstream Condition = S2 Km/hour

  • Speed In Constant Water = 1/2(S1+S2) Km/hour.
  • Rate Of Stream: 1/2(S1-S2) km/hour.